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2012 Reveals and Round Up!


It is time for reveals! All creator names and beta credits have been added to the posts.

Please feel free to crosspost your work from this round and to reply to any comments you got. Thank you all again for taking part, here is a quick round up of the amazing gifts made for this round and the lovely people who made them.

- Starting All Over Again for sundaydriver from butterfly
- You're Sure To Lure Someone Bad for auroradream from redkislington
- Dueling Songbirds for jeweledvixen from sundaydriver
- Once and Thereafter for cassandra_ml from delugedpapercup
- Twice Bitten for stormybear30 from mhobbs0430
- Counting All The Stars for butterfly from cassandra_ml
- Adam's Apple for revontulet_iam from twas_the_lark
- Perfect, Simply Perfect for mhobbs0430 from tommysbitch28
- Season’s Change for tommysbitch28 from stormybear30
- (Passionate Kiss with) Eyes Wide Open for itinerant_vae from auroradream
- And I Feel Fine for delugedpapercup from itinerant_vae
- Christmas set on fire for kradam_holidays from revontulet_iam
- Nostrum Domus for redkislington from blue_icy_rose
- Whiskey Sunsets for blue_icy_rose from butterfly
- Some Nights I Call it a Draw for twas_the_lark from redkislington
- The Meaning of a Moment for kradam_holidays from jeweledvixen

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