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Happy Holidays, Kradam Holidays! (1/2)

Title: The Meaning of a Moment
Recipient: kradam_holidays
Author: jeweledvixen
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 17,410
Warnings: Physical abuse, homophobia, male/male sex, bare backing
Summary: Kris is 18 and thinks the family vacation at Grossinger's will be the most boring summer ever. He is very, very wrong.
Author's Notes: Prompt 3: I'm a sucker for romantic comedies, so I'd love to see a movie crossover AU - Notting Hill is my all-time favorite, but Dirty Dancing or My Best Friend's Wedding would work as well.

The title comes from this poem:

To dance is to reach for a word that doesn't exist,
To sing the heartsong of a thousand generations,
To feel the meaning of a moment in time.
- Beth Jones

Grossinger's in Liberty, NY. -
Mendelssohn Club -
West Coast Swing -
It's Now or Never - Elvis Presley -


"Kristopher, I certainly hope you don't intend to pout all the way to New York. It's going to be a long drive if you do," Kris' mother informed him.

Kris was sitting in the back seat of the family car with his kid brother, Daniel. Dad was driving and Mom was the keeper of the snacks. She also controlled the radio. Kris had his arms crossed across his chest and was staring moodily out the window, watching hay fields and cows go by. Kris was 18 and would be going to college in the fall to study business. He was far too old to be going on summer vacation with his parents and his kid brother. He was old enough and responsible enough to be left home by himself for two months. Besides, the McConnells lived right next door and could check on him from time to time.

The Allens lived in Jacksonville, Arkansas, a small city about eighteen miles northeast of Little Rock. Kris’ father, Neil was an electrical engineer. His mom was an executive secretary at the same company for which Neil worked. In the fall, Kris was going to move forty miles away to Conway, Arkansas to study business at the University of Central Arkansas. He considered himself to be a responsible adult and besides, they had been going to Grossinger's in Liberty, NY for eight years now. He was tired of doing the same old, same old every summer. They drove from Jacksonville to Roanoke, VA and spent a couple of days with his dad's brother. Then they drove the rest of the way to Liberty. They repeated the pattern on the way back home They spent two days on the road, four days total visiting his aunt and uncle, and eight weeks at Grossinger's.

Grossinger's seemed a little childish to Kris now that he was old enough to realize what was going on. His parents enjoyed getting to see their old friends that they only saw at Grossinger's every summer. They did adult things, like staying up late in the Lounge, drinking and chatting.; playing poker; dancing late into the night. Meanwhile, Kris and Daniel were relegated to the kids' activities, like taking part in the talent show, taking craft classes, awkward kids' dances like the ones he remembered from middle school, shuffle board and other kids' games. Oh, boy. He could hardly wait. Daniel was still young enough to be looking forward to their annual vacation, but not Kris.

Kris preferred rock and roll to the boring big band stuff they played at Grossinger's. Kris played the guitar, piano and viola. He also sang. He loved music and really liked Elvis, Buddy Holly, Little Richard and Chuck Berry. He doubted the guests at Grossinger's or their band had even heard of these singers. They certainly wouldn't approve of their music. It was much too wild for Grossinger's.

Besides being too old and mature for these childish vacations anymore, Kris had realized when he was 16 that he was a homosexual. It was 1963 and being a homosexual was something to be ashamed of. It was considered a mental illness and many gay men sought psychiatric treatment for their "condition." Kris was concerned at first, and was ashamed of himself. But he found out that the teacher of one of his music classes was also homosexual and was not ashamed in the least. He didn't speak openly about it to the general public, but he did not feel he needed medical treatment to cure him of his disease. He and Kris became friends and Michael helped Kris accept the fact that he was gay and that it wasn't the end of the world.

Kris had finally gotten up enough courage to tell his parents and to also tell them that he felt he was born this way and that it was perfectly normal for him. He told them he didn't believe he was sick and didn't want treatment. His parents had been horrified at first, but they loved Kris and, after meeting Michael and talking to both Kris and Michael, they accepted Kris as a homosexual. They urged him to be careful about revealing this fact, and to be careful about confiding in any of his friends. Kris was so relieved that his parents had accepted his homosexuality and stood behind him. He had been afraid they would disown him and kick him out. This had happened to two boys he had known from school. So, it became basically a family secret and Kris was happy to be left to live his life as he felt he should.

However, both of his parents, separately, had told him that he must not reveal his secret while they were at Grossinger's. The other guests would not understand and would make considerable trouble for Kris and for the rest of the Allens, too. This would be the third summer that Kris would pretend to be straight for the bores at Grossinger's. Just another reason he hated going there. He felt uncomfortable and he couldn't be himself like he could be at home. Even his aunt and uncle didn't know his true identity. Sigh.


The Allen family arrived at Grossinger's at 4:00pm, having left Roanoke around 3am. They got checked in by Mr. Grossinger himself. He had become good friends with the Allens over the years. He even escorted them to their hotel rooms, the boys had the room next to their parents. It was the part of the hotel just across from the outdoor pool, Kris' favorite part of the vacation. He loved to swim and spent as much time as he could in the pool. Being so close was the only good thing so far.

Dinner would be at 8:00, so they all took a short nap after the long drive, then got dressed for dinner and made their way to the dining room. Kris was oh, so thrilled to find that they were once again at the same table as the Rosenbooms. The parents were about the same age as the Allens and they had three children, Louise, 17; William, 16; and Donna, 15. The parents were Maggie and David. They were rather loud and tended to drink a bit too much at most meals and get even louder. Louise had had a crush on Kris for the past three years and this year was no exception. She simpered and giggled at him every time he said anything to anyone. She kept sending him doe-eyed looks and blushing if he looked her way. Kris mentally rolled his eyes.


Dinner took far to long for Kris' comfort. He finally excused himself and went outside for a walk. It was dark by now and cooler. The air felt good after the warm, stuffy atmosphere in the dining room. He didn't feel like going back to his room just yet, so he wandered around the corner and walked in the direction of the tennis courts. As he approached the upper two courts, he heard voices. Two men were talking. One sounded agitated and the other sounded considerably calmer. Kris didn't mean to eavesdrop, but his feet carried him close enough to hear what was being said.

"You can't just say things like that without thinking! You're going to get fired and maybe the rest of will get fired as well! Think of someone else besides yourself for once in your life!" the first man ranted.

The second man answered, "I'm not flaunting anything, Tony. She was coming onto me and wouldn't take no for an answer. I didn't mean to say anything, it just sort of flew out of my mouth of its own free will, I guess from frustration. She's not going to tell anyone. She knows I'm the boss as far as the dancers go, so I don't think she wants to risk losing her job by turning me in. I'm not being selfish, I'm trying to just keep to myself and she got on my last nerve. It won't happen again."

"Yes, it will, Adam. You know you have no filter. You just blurt things out without thinking, especially after you've had a few. That's what happened last night. You need to drink less and think more before you speak. Jeez, you may not need this job, but the rest of us d!. Be more careful!" Kris could hear the first man walking away. He passed within a few feet of Kris, but didn't see him in the darkness. Kris moved forward and looked toward the tennis court. Curiosity killed the cat. He nearly tripped over his own feet when he saw the man standing on the tennis court, hands shoved in his pockets, staring up at the stars. He was the most gorgeous man Kris had ever seen. He was tall with thick, black hair, full inviting lips and, even from this distance, in the dark, Kris could tell he had amazing blue eyes. It was love at first sight.

Kris took a small step closer to get a better look at Adam and a twig snapped. Adam stopped staring at the sky and looked directly in Kris' direction. "Who's there?" he demanded. "Stop skulking around in the bushes and show yourself, you coward!" Kris sheepishly and warily stepped out of the shadows and onto the tennis court. Adam raised his eyebrows. "Who are you and why are you spying on me?"

Kris just stood rooted to the spot and started in open admiration of Adam. The man was gorgeous! Even more so close up. "Well?" Adam demanded, tapping his foot on the ground. "Who are you? That's an easy question. Start there."

Kris opened his mouth, then closed it again. Then he opened it once more and squeaked, "Kris. My name is Kris. With a K."

"So, Kris, why were you spying on me? I don't even know you."

"I, uh, I just finished dinner and wanted some air, so I took a walk and I walked around the corner and when I got closer, I heard you and that other guy talking and he left, walked right past me. Then I was curious so I just kept walking and here I am. I really wasn't spying on you or anything, honest."

Adam looked at him with those sky-blue eyes and smiled slightly. "How old are you, Kris? 16?"

"I'm 18!" Kris informed him indignantly. "I'll be going to college this fall."

"Sorry, Kris. I didn't mean to offend you. Most of the younger guests here are under 18."

"Yeah, well, my parents decided it would be a fantastic idea to have one last family holiday up here before I fly the coop," Kris replied, "Otherwise, I wouldn't be here. No offense, but it's pretty boring if you're not a kid or an adult."

"Oh, I completely agree. I'm the head dance instructor and I'm also in charge of the entertainment. This is my fourth year here and I've seen a lot. You're right, there isn't much real entertainment geared for anyone between 18 and 25. The majority of the guests are kids and adults, so they cater to those two groups." Adam looked at Kris with his head cocked to one side.

"Look, the dancers get together every night and have a dance party just for us. If you want, you can come over and party with us. No one will mind."

Kris very much wanted to go with Adam, anywhere, so he said, "Ok. That sounds like fun." Adam smiled and the two of them headed down to the Club House. The party was in the room at the far end of the building. Kris could hear the music long before they reached the door. Adam opened it for him and Kris stepped into chaos. There were about twenty people in the relatively small room and they were all dancing. Kris' mouth fell open. The dancing was nothing like the dancing they did at his high school. This was...dirty dancing. Everyone was grinding their hips against their partner's hips, touching each other's hips, buttocks, arms and waist. They had their arms around each other and were dancing so close you couldn't see daylight between them. They were also same-sex dancing couples. Definitely not like one of his high-school dances.

Adam grinned at him. "Bet you've never danced like this before, city boy. Come on, I'll show you how. It's easy once you get the rhythm down." Before Kris could protest, Adam grabbed his arm and dragged him onto the dance floor. He stood behind Kris and put his hands on Kris' waist. "Ok, Kris, bend your knees. Watch the other dancers and try to move your hips like they are. I'll guide you with my hands and my hips. Relax, let your muscles loosen up. Feel the music and move with it." Kris bent his knees and did his best to relax, but it was almost impossible with Adam pressed up behind him with his hands on Kris' waist.

Kris tried to move his hips like the other dancers. Adam pressed even closer and started moving his hips. "Move with me, Kris. Follow my lead. Try to relax more. Lean back and just go with the music." Kris leaned back and just melted against Adam. He let Adam's hips move his own and pretty soon he felt the rhythm of the music as they moved together with it. By the time the song ended, he was flushed and over heated and only partly because of the exertion from the dancing. Adam smiled at him and took his hand, pulling him across the room to a couple of coolers with bottles of beer and soda. Adam grabbed two bottles of beer, took the caps off and held one out to Kris.

"Oh, I don't drink. I'd better have a soda."

Adam said, "Oh, come on. One beer won't kill you. It won't even make you drunk. You're here to conquer your boredom, to live it up." Kris thought about it for about two seconds, then grabbed the beer from Adam and took a gulp. He gasped and coughed. Adam laughed. "Take it easy. It's your first alcohol. It takes a little getting used to. Take smaller sips." Kris nodded and hesitantly took a much smaller sip this time. It wasn't so bad. It was ice cold and felt good going down, cooling him off.

He and Adam sat down on a nearby bench, sipping their beers and watching the others dance. Adam asked, "So you're going to college. What are you going to study?"

Kris answered, "Business as my major, music as a minor."

Adam looked at him, his blue eyes slightly wide. "You're into music? Do you play an instrument or do you sing?"

"Actually, I sing and I play piano, guitar and viola. I played viola with the Arkansas All-State Orchestra for a while., I prefer playing guitar and singing. I also write songs." Kris looked at Adam and blushed at the astonished, admiring look on Adam's face.

"Wow," Adam replied. "I'd love to learn to play the piano. But I'm too hyper to actually sit down and take the time to learn. I do sing and I did musical theater in high school for a while." A strange look crossed his face and he suddenly fell silent, taking a big drink of his beer. He tossed the bottle in the trash and pulled another one out of the cooler.

"You ok?" Kris asked. Adam nodded as he took another drink and turned back to watch the dancers.

"You want to dance some more?" he asked after a couple of minutes of silence.

"Wouldn't you rather dance with one of the girls?" Kris asked. "I mean, I enjoyed dancing with you, but you don't have to feel obligated to dance with just me."

Adam smiled, looked at Kris and leaned over to whisper in his ear, "I would much rather dance with you, and I think you would like to dance with me, too." Kris stared at him, dumbfounded and blushing. Adam was openly admitting that he was gay. And he had figured out that Kris was as well. Adam laughed. "Close your mouth. You look like a large-mouthed bass. Everyone here knows I'm gay. They aren't going to be surprised to see me dancing with another man. I frequently do. They won't even care at all. A few of the other dancers are gay, too, so relax. Do you want to dance or not?"

Kris closed his mouth and just nodded. Before he knew it, he was back out on the dance floor face to face with Adam, Adam's leg between Kris' and they were moving their hips to the rhythm of the music while Adam guided him with his hands on Kris' hips. Kris automatically put his arms around Adam's neck and moved with him. They held each other's gaze through the whole song. When the song ended, Kris said, "I think I need some air. I'm going outside for a few minutes." What he really needed was a chance to get his raging hard-on under control.

Adam said, "I'll grab a couple of beers and I'll meet you out there. We can talk some more.

"Please make mine a soda," Kris said. Adam laughed and nodded, heading for the coolers as Kris headed for the nearest exit.


Kris found a bench and sat down. The cool air felt good after the heat of dancing with Adam. He wasn't used to the feelings that had been stirred up inside him. But he had completely enjoyed the dancing and the closeness to Adam. He thought it was the most fun and excitement he had ever had. He also thought about the fact that Adam had confided in him that he was gay and that he seemed interested in Kris. Or at least liked flirting and dancing with him. It must be a novelty for Adam to find a guest that he could figure out was a homosexual. Kris was really attracted to Adam and hoped Adam wasn't using him as a play thing just because there were so few gay men around.

Just then, Adam came out with a bottle of beer and a bottle of Coke. He sat down and handed the beer to Kris. Kris looked at him and raised his eyebrows. Adam laughed that magical laugh and switched bottles. with him. "So, a penny for your thoughts."

Kris debated on whether to be honest or to blow it off. He decided that honesty was the best policy. "I was thinking how much I liked dancing with you like that. I was also thinking that it must be unusual for you to find a guest that's gay and willing to admit it to you."

Adam looked at Kris and nodded. "I get what you're saying. It is rare for me to find a guest that's gay. It's even rarer to find one that's as good-looking as you are and that isn't too snooty to hang out with the hired help. You fascinate me and I'd like to get to know you better. If you don't want to hang out with me, I'll understand, though. You're only going to be here for a few weeks, so it might not be worth it to get involved any further with someone you'll probably never see again."

Kris looked directly at Adam. He could get lost in those deep blue eyes, he thought. "I've never really known anyone else who is gay. There were a couple of kids in my school who were gay and one was beaten up and almost died because people found out he was gay, so I've never told anyone but my family. They aren't happy about it, but they've accepted the fact that I'm a homosexual. I do want to spend time with you. To be honest, I'm attracted to you. You're funny, you're free and open about who you are and you're damn gorgeous. You fascinate me. So, if you don't mind me hanging around, I'd like to."

Adam smiled and the night just lit up. "You're welcome to come over here any night you want to. You could also take dance lessons. Usually, you'd be paired with one of the girls, but I think I can arrange to be your dance instructor, seeing that I‘m the head dancer. They're private lessons, so no one would bother us. I can teach you a lot more moves. You have natural rhythm, so you'd be a good student."

Kris smiled and nodded. "I'd love to take lessons with you. I can come hang out pretty much any night. My parents trust me and won't keep too close an eye on me. Besides, they'll be thrilled that I'm not moping around about having to be stuck here for the summer."


So it was that Kris spent every evening with the dancers. He got to know most of them and was especially friendly with one of the guys, Brad who was considered the best dancer of the group other than Adam. He was a small, brown-haired man with light brown eyes. He had a wicked sense of humor and the attitude of a diva when he wanted to. He was sassy and sweet.

Kris also got close to a girl called Allison. She had bright red hair and was bubbly and just overflowing with an infectious enthusiasm for life. Adam, Brad and Allison were like their own little family among the dancers. Allison called Adam her big brother and he called her his kid sister. The three of them all lived in Albany, NY and were best friends there as well. The three dancers just added Kris to their little group without question. The four of them became quite close over the summer.

Kris also took dance lessons with Adam. It gave them time alone to get to know each other and to just talk about whatever crossed their minds. They talked a lot about their shared love of music and their favorite singers.

Adam showed Kris how to do the different dances, including the West Coast Swing. They started out slow, then gradually sped up, but when Adam ramped it up to the usual speed, Kris got his feet tangled up and ended up in a heap on the floor. Adam grabbed two bottles of water and dropped down beside him, laughing. "Sorry. I didn't mean to get your feet so wound up. Have some water. We need a break anyway." The two of them sat quietly on the floor next to each other, sipping their water and catching their breath.

Suddenly, Adam set his half-full water bottle down on the floor and jumped up. "I have an idea. I want to show you how to do the Twist." He headed for the record player to change the record. Kris put his water bottle down, too, and got to his feet, somehow managing to knock over both water bottles, making a small lake on the dance floor.

"Dang it!" he swore. Adam looked over to see what had happened. He snickered and came back over, pulling off his t-shirt as he moved. He got down on his knees and started using his shirt to mop up the water. Kris took off his own shirt and knelt down to help Adam clean up the mess Kris had made.

When the water was all sopped up, they stood and carried their now-soaked shirts over to the barre to hang them up. Kris couldn't help but notice all the freckles scattered over Adam's chest, while Adam couldn't help but notice the nice muscles in Kris' arms and chest. They stood staring at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Then Kris took a small step forward and Adam reached his hand up to cup Kris' face. He leaned down and brushed his mouth against Kris' lips. Kris felt like a jolt of electricity had just gone through his body. He looked at Adam, eyes wide, mouth open, hands on Adam‘s chest for support. Adam leaned in and kissed him again. This time, the kiss was deeper and longer. Kris felt light-headed. He had never been kissed before. He just wanted to keep on kissing Adam. It felt so right, so amazing. Adam pulled back, but kept his hand on Kris' face.

"Are you ok? I hope I didn't scare you or upset you. It's just that you're so damn adorable and you have those lips. They just were too tempting to resist." Kris didn't answer, he just leaned up and pressed his lips against Adam's. This kiss was longer and more passionate. Adam slid his tongue into Kris' mouth and explored gently. He sucked on Kris' tongue and by the time they broke the kiss, Kris was breathless with desire and feeling more than a little weak in the knees. "Uh, I think that better be the end of the lesson for today," Adam said softly. "I...I really shouldn't have done that. If we had gotten caught, I would lose my job and you would be asked to leave. We can dance later at the party. But we can't do anything more out in the open like this. It's too risky."

He grabbed his wet shirt from the barre and almost ran out the door, leaving Kris feeling breathless and confused. Kris collapsed to the floor and put his head in his hands. He knew that Adam was only telling the truth when he said that they would both be asked to leave if they got caught kissing. But how could anything that felt so right, so amazing, be so wrong? It didn't make sense to Kris. He sighed deeply, got to his feel, grabbed his wet shirt and went back to his room to change for dinner.


Of course, Louise managed to sit next to him, acting coy and flirty all through the meal. Kris was only half paying attention, since his mind was still on Adam and the kisses they had shared. He couldn't wait for dinner to be over so he could go to the Club House and join the dancers. He practically ran all the way once he was excused.

When Kris got near the Club House, he realized that he couldn't hear the music like he always had before. When he went inside, he found the group huddled around the table where the drink coolers were. Someone was lying on the bench beside the table. Kris hurried over to see what was wrong. He peered through the crowd and saw that it was Brad who was lying on the bench. He was clutching his left ankle and his face was twisted in pain. Allison came hurrying into the room with an ice pack and carefully straightened out Brad's leg and placed the ice pack on his ankle.

Adam was sitting on the bench with Brad's head in his lap, gently smoothing his forehead. "What happened?" Kris asked. One of the other dancers, turned and said, "Brad was trying a new move when he landed on his foot wrong and turned his ankle. Sure hope it's not broken. Even if it's just a sprain, we're probably going to be out one dancer for the Midsummer Show next Saturday night." Kris hovered around the group waiting to see if Brad was all right, or if he was going to require medical attention. Finally, Adam, who had been talking quietly with Brad told Taylor to go get the resort's doctor. Brad was still in a lot of pain and it didn't seem to be getting any better.

They all waited anxiously for the doctor to get there. He was a brusque, unsmiling man who seemed extremely put out that he had been called to take care of one of the dancers. After his examination, he bandaged up Brad's ankle, none to gently. Then he gave him a bottle of pills. "Your ankle is not broken. It is a fairly bad sprain, so you need to stay off of it for at least a week. Then no strenuous exercise for at least another ten days. These pills are for the pain. Take two every six hours if you are in pain. Otherwise, don't take any. You don't need to get addicted on top of everything else," he said with a sneer.

Adam got a look in his eyes that frightened Kris. He stood up and spoke. "What do you mean, 'on top of everything else'? What is 'everything else'?"

The doctor looked Adam up and down like he was a circus sideshow freak. "I think you know quite well what I mean, young man. Men of a certain persuasion are almost always the ones who go into dancing. It's an unhealthy, unnatural lifestyle. Getting addicted to pills would just be adding insult to injury." He began to gather up his things

Adam spoke again, "Our 'lifestyle' is none of your business. We don't judge you for being a narrow-minded, humorless bigot. You have no right to judge us since you don't even know us. We are not hurting you in any way, so perhaps you should mind your own business and let us live our lives as we choose." He looked down his nose at the doctor with a furious, haughty look, as if the doctor were dirt under his shoe. The doctor snorted, grabbed his bag and left without another word. Everyone clapped and hugged Adam. Then they turned back to Brad. Taylor and Terrance lifted him up and carried him out, taking him back to their cabin.


Adam came over to Kris. "I'm sorry. I know this isn't how you were expecting to spend the evening. No one's feeling much like partying. We just lost one of our best dancers for at least a week. Next Saturday night is the Midsummer Show and now we're going to have to rework it to make up for Brad not being there. I'm going to go back to my room and think about how to rearrange things for the Show."

Allison had been standing nearby listening to their conversation. She piped up, "Adam, you've been giving Kris dancing lessons for over a week. You said he was a quick study. Why can't he learn the dance for the big number for next Saturday? He could take Terrance's place in the chorus line. Terrance can do Brad's solo. Then you wouldn't have to rearrange everything. We've been working so hard on this show, so it would be easier if we could just keep it as it is, especially seeing that if we were lacking a couple, it would all look lopsided with an uneven number on each side of the stage.

Both Adam and Kris spoke at the same time. "Oh, no!" Kris said. "That just might work," Adam said. They both looked at each other, Kris with fear in his eyes, Adam with calculation in his. "Kris, the dance is a West Coast Swing. I know you've only had one lesson, and it didn't go so well." Adam glanced at the floor and blushed a little. He looked back at Kris who was also blushing. "But it's Sunday now. We have almost two weeks to get you up to speed. I really think you can do it."

Kris was terrified. He had never considered himself a good dancer and the thought of getting up in front of all those people and dancing for them scared the bejeezus out of him. "I couldn't possibly pass myself off as a professional dancer with only two weeks of prep., I just can't do it. I'd be so scared, I'd trip over my own feet again and probably knock down half the other dancers." He looked at Adam, who was looking back at him with pleading and confidence in his smoky blue eyes, and he just couldn't say no. Adam, and the other dancers needed him. He said, "Ok, I'll try. But I want you to work on a back-up plan just in case I'm not ready to dance on stage in time."

Adam grabbed him and hugged him. Alli joined in. "You're going to do fine," Adam said. "You're saving our lives," Alli said. "The three of us can meet here tomorrow morning, say 9:00 and get started on your lessons. You'll be dancing with me for the show, so it will be the best thing if we work together. Adam can give you pointers and show you the steps that the man has to do for the dance. If the three of us work our butts off, we can pull this off." She gave Kris a brilliant smile and a kiss on the cheek, then she left to go to bed so she could be up bright and early for the first lesson.


Adam asked Kris if he wanted to go back to Adam's room so they could talk about the show and the lessons. Kris quickly agreed. They walked through the cool night air back to the dancers' cabins behind the Club House. As the head dancer, Adam had his own cabin. Everyone else shared with one or two other dancers. Adam offered Kris a soda and let him sit on the bed, while Adam grabbed a beer for himself and gracefully settled down on the floor beside the bed.

They talked shop for over an hour, talking through some of the steps and the flow of the show itself. Finally, when Adam glanced at his clock and saw that it was after midnight, he got to his feet and said, "Well, we both better get some sleep if we're going to meet Alli at 9:00. She will not be pleased if we're even a minute late." He took the two empty bottles and put them in the waste basket, then pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it on the floor at the end of the bed. Kris sat still, staring at the sight of Adam's freckled, muscled chest. It was as enticing as it had been this afternoon at their lesson.

Adam noticed Kris was staring at him and cocked his head to one side. This was dangerous territory. Adam was undeniably attracted to Kris. He was absolutely beautiful, he was intelligent, funny and sweet, but oh, so young and innocent. Adam wanted nothing more than to make love to Kris, but he knew he shouldn't, for so many reasons. But his heart wasn't listening to his head at the moment. He closed the distance between him and Kris and pulled Kris to his feet. He put his arms around Kris' waist and embraced him, bringing their lips together in a sweet, deep kiss. Kris put his arms around Adam's neck and responded eagerly.

Adam pulled back long enough to remove Kris' shirt, then pulled him back in for another kiss. He stroked the soft, smooth skin of Kris' back, while Kris did the same to Adam's chest. Kris stroked over one of Adam's nipples, causing Adam to gasp and tighten his arms round Kris. He slowly laid Kris down on his bed and laid down next to him. They lay there for quite a while, kissing and exploring. Then Adam moved away and stared at Kris. Kris stared back, eyes wide with excitement and lust. Adam brushed his thumb over Kris' swollen lower lip. "I want you so bad, Kris, but this is such a bad idea. You're from a whole other world than I am. You have a decent life and a loving family. You're going to college and you're going to get a normal job, live a normal life. Messing that up just for what can't be anything more than a summer fling simply isn't worth it for you. You really should go back to your room. We can forget about the dance lessons and we'll work something out for the Midsummer Show. We’ll forget about each other soon enough. That's best for both of us."

He started to roll over so he could get up when Kris put his hand hesitantly on Adam's wrist. "I can still have all those nice things, but I think that being with you would be better than all of them. I know that, compared to you, I'm young and naive, so maybe you're not really interested and you're trying to let me down easy, but I do know that I am interested and if you are, I want you. You'd be my first and that both scares and excites me like nothing else ever has." He looked at Adam with those deep chocolate eyes, hope shining in them. Adam sighed. This was such a bad, bad idea.

He stood up and slid off his jeans, tossing them on top of his shirt, never taking his eyes away from Kris' eyes. Kris quickly shimmied out of his pants and scooted over a bit while Adam laid back down on the bed. He started out by kissing Kris again, then moving his lips slowly down Kris' neck, to his chest. He teased both nipples with his lips and tongue and teeth. Kris was soon moaning and trembling as he clung to Adam's arms for support. Adam paused and looked up at Kris. Their eyes met and all Adam saw was trust and pleasure. He hoped he didn't let Kris down.

Adam slowly kissed his way down Kris' stomach and sucked at his belly button. He moved down to plant a row of kisses on each thigh. Kris was panting and writhing now. His cock was fully erect and leaking, a wet spot showing on his boxers. Adam kissed that spot and sucked the head of Kris' cock through the thin cotton. "Adam!" Kris cried. Adam slid off his own underwear and then Kris'. He stroked Kris' cock with one hand and his own with the other. Then he gripped the base of Kris' cock and leaned down to take the head in his mouth. He began licking and sucking as he slowly took more of Kris into his mouth, moving his head up and down as he did so. He also continued to stroke himself in rhythm to the movements of his head. Kris, beyond being coherent, wove his fingers into Adam's thick, black hair and held on for dear life. He looked down at Adam and seeing Adam's lips wrapped around his cock, Kris just fell apart, coming without warning into Adam's mouth. Adam swallowed quickly and continued to suck until Kris' orgasm was over. Adam looked up to see if Kris was ok and the sight of him lying there, eyes closed, mouth open, looking totally fucked out sent Adam over the edge.


After cleaning them both up, Adam climbed back into bed, pulling the sheet up to cover them, and held Kris close, letting him cuddle into Adam's chest while he smoothed Kris' hair and rubbed his shoulders. "Are you ok, Kris? I know this was your first time and I wanted it to be good and memorable for you. I hope I did ok and that you enjoyed it."

"You totally blew my mind," Kris whispered. "I've never experienced anything that felt that good before" Kris was stroking Adam's chest, playing with the soft hair there. "I'm so sorry I came in your mouth. I just didn't realize that it would happen that suddenly." Adam laughed.

"Don't worry about that, Kris. It happens all the time, whether it's your first time or not. I'm just glad you enjoyed it and weren't freaked out. Do you think you can stay here tonight? I'd really like it if you could. I have a feeling I'm falling for you and I want to be with you all the time. If you'd rather not, I'll understand. I know your parents wouldn't be please to find out you're here right now. But..."

Kris cut him off. "My parents probably wouldn't be pleased, but I'm an adult and I do want to stay. I know I've fallen for you and I would love nothing more than to fall asleep in your arms right now." Adam leaned down and kissed Kris.

"Good night, Kris. I hope neither one of us regrets what happened tonight." Adam reached over and set his alarm clock for the morning, then wrapped his arms around Kris again. They both fell asleep with smiles on their faces.


The next morning, Kris and Adam staggered into the dance room bleary-eyed from too little sleep the night before. Alli was already there, warming up. She stopped and looked at the two of them. "Something keep the two of you 'up' last night?" she said with a wink. Adam swatted at her weakly as he headed for the coffee machine and poured two cups, handing one to Kris. "We're here and we're on time. Give us a few minutes to inhale this coffee and warm up a bit and we'll get started.," In between warm up exercise, the two men drank their coffee, both going for a refill. Alli continued to warm up, watching them with a smile.

She had been able to see the growing attraction between them and, with them both showing up together and looking sleep-deprived, she didn't have to think too hard to figure out what had gone on last night in Adam's room. She was happy for both of them. She had been working with Adam at Grossinger's for two years and he had never had so much as a one-night stand before. He lived a lonely life, she knew. He had few friends besides the dancers here. He lived not too far away from her in Albany. Tthey had met three years ago when she stopped by his studio to ask about voice lessons. They became close friends and got together fairly often to have lunch or see a movie. Adam never spoke of his family and rarely answered questions about his private life.

Alli knew that Adam was 25 and had been born in New York City. He had been dancing since he was ten, taking lessons in ballet and ballroom dance. He also sang, first in a church choir, then in musical theater productions in grade school and high school. He had continued to take dance and voice lessons up until he was twenty. Then he had started his own dance and voice studio. He was regarded as one of the best in the state. That's why he had been asked by Mr. Grossinger to be their entertainment director for the past four summers and why he was paid enough to entice him away from his own studio for two months each summer.


The three of them spent the morning working on the dance. Adam first went through the dance with Kris so he would know which steps he would be performing. By the time noon came around, Kris was sore and frustrated. They broke for lunch, all three of them going back to the dining room used by the staff. They talked as they ate their sandwiches and sipped their sodas. The talk consisted mostly of Adam and Alli urging Kris not to give up, and telling him he was actually making progress whether he thought so or not.

As they were headed back to the studio, Louise came round the corner of the main dining room. She stopped and stared at the trio. "What are you doing hanging out with them, Kris? I missed you at breakfast and lunch. I guess you were too busy with your new girlfriend and her boss. Well, enjoy your little summer romance. It won't last and you'll be sorry when it's over." She glared at the three of them and stalked off towards her hotel.

"Well, maybe now she'll stop flirting with me," Kris sighed. Adam and Alli snickered. "Yeah, she's not the brightest bulb in the lamp, that's for sure. Ok, let's get back to work making me into a world-famous dancer." They hurried to the studio and got back to the dancing. By the end of the afternoon, even Kris had to admit he was making progress. It was slow, but he could see it. He really wanted to have dinner with Adam and Alli, but he decided that it would be better to have dinner with his family and avoid acting too suspicious.


Kris got back to his room just in time to take a shower and get dressed for dinner. "Hey, man, where have you been? I haven't seen you since dinner last night," Daniel said as he came in to change his own clothes. "You didn't even come back to sleep here last night. Did you get drunk and pass out behind the bar?" he snickered. Kris swatted him.

"No, Dumbo, I told you I've been hanging out with the dancers and learning to dance. Well, one of them got hurt last night and I ended up spending the night in one of the dancer's room since it was so late by the time the doctor had finished fixing up Brad's ankle. Anyway, I'm here now, so please don't tell Dad and Mom that I didn't come back last night. They'll get upset. I don't think they'd like the idea of me spending so much time with the dancers."

"Hey, no worries. What Dad and Mom don't know won't hurt them or you. I've got your back. You're not sweet on one of them are you?" Kris blushed. "I knew it!" Daniel crowed. "Which one? The small one with the brown eyes or the blond with the blue eyes?"

"Actually, it's neither one of those. It's the tall one with the black hair and the blue eyes. Adam."

Daniel slapped him on the back. "Man, you picked the best looking one of all. Does he like you, too? Is that where you were last night? Don't worry, I won't tell if that's what it was." Kris confessed that he had, indeed, spent the night with Adam. Daniel was excited and happy for Kris. "Way to go, dude!" he said as they made their way to the dining room. Louise sat several seats away from Kris and shot him nasty looks all through the meal. Kris just ignored her and enjoyed his meal, talking to Louise's brother, William instead. After the meal, Kris stood to leave. As he was heading for the door, Louise caught up to him and whispered, "I bet your parents would love to know that you're having a little fling with that red-headed chippy. Maybe I'll let them know so they can be happy for you."

Kris gave her the stink eye and said, "Go ahead. They won't believe you anyway. You'll just be wasting your breath and making a fool of yourself." He shrugged. "It's up to you." He walked out and headed for the Club House. The usual party was in full swing by the time Kris got there. Brad was sitting in a comfortable chair near the coolers with his foot propped up on a stool and pillows. Kris went over to see how he was doing. Brad pulled Kris into a hug.

"You are amazing. I don't think anybody else would even try to help us out like you're doing. If we ended up being down one male dancer for the Show, it would mean we would also have to be down one female dancer and that would throw off the whole scheme of the show. It wouldn't look right. Thank you so much, Kris. Also, thank you for, well, whatever it is you're doing for Adam. I've never seen him look happier. I don't need details, but it's made a huge difference in him." Brad kissed Kris on the cheek. "Now, go dance with him and keep making him happy." Kris grinned and was about to look for Adam when a pair of familiar, strong arms wrapped around his waist and familiar lips planted a kiss just below his right ear.

"Hey, there. I missed you. It's been, what, two whole hours since I last saw you and it was two hours too long.," Adam whispered in his ear. Kris smiled and turned enough so he could lean up and kiss those full, freckled lips.

"I missed you, too. Louise was a delight at dinner. She threatened to tell my parents that I'm sleeping with Alli." Adam rolled his eyes and laughed.

"Yeah, let her think that. It's a good cover story for us. Feel like dancing some more?"

"Absolutely," Kris answered, "Anything but the West Coast Swing?"


Adam invited Kris back to his cabin for the night. They made love again, this time with Kris straddling Adam’s hips while Adam brought their cocks together, wrapped his hands around them both and stroked them at the same time. Kris put his hands over Adam’s and they both stroked in unison while they kissed. As Kris got close, he threw his head back and moaned, calling Adam’s name. This sent Adam over the edge, taking Kris with him. Kris still held Adam’s hands and laid his head on Adam’s shoulder as he came down from the high of his orgasm. Adam leaned his head against Kris’ for a few minutes, then he tipped Kris’ head up and kissed him softly. He got up to get a cloth to clean them both up. Then they crawled under the covers, kissing for a few minutes before falling asleep in each other’s arms.


Part 2 here
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