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Title: Some Nights I Call it a Draw
Recipient: twas_the_lark
Author: redkislington
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,600~
Warnings: M/M Sex
Summary: Adam and Kris have known each other practically since they were born, had grown up together and gone through every break up and make up together. Little ten year old Kris even nonchalantly throws around the idea of marrying Adam, which, actually, is exactly what happens.
Author's Notes: Went a teeny bit off of prompt. Sorry! I hope you still like it though, I watched many a rom-com while writing it so maybe some of that got through in the non-naughty parts. Happy holidays, and may your hugs received be warm and fluffy.

By a first glance, it'd be hard to guess that the two were practically attached to the hip, close ever since their Leila and Kim met at a mutual friend's baby shower, and Adam, covered head to toe in freckles with wide, curious blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair, and a slightly younger Kris, who wobbled around and practically trailed after the older boy like they were tied together.

All through school, they helped each other out. Adam tutoring Kris for tests and helping him through the few dramas he had. Kris always a step behind Adam keeping the people who teased him at bay. Whenever one of them was in trouble or needed help in some way, the other would be right behind.

It was half way through college – where, of course, they both went to the same school in the same dorm – that it happened.

"Hey." Adam perked up suddenly. He'd been trying to figure out hours how to cheer Kris up after his latest break up. "Remember when we were ten, and you said that you wanted to marry me because then you'd make sure we'd always be together?"

Kris glanced up from his bottle of cheap beer and snorted. "Yeah, and I was ten." He shrugged. "What's your point?"

Adam grinned. "Well, why not do that?" Kris arched a brow and Adam held his hand up. "Hear me out. If we don't find anyone else at a certain point, we do it. So that way we'll always have someone there." He chuckled. "We'll always be together just like you wanted."

Kris stared at him for a few moments, then dropped his gaze to the table, chewing on his lip as he thought. Finally, he looked back up, smiling. "Sure." He shrugged, bringing the bottle up to his lips, watching behind it as Adam grinned wide, glad to see his friend smiling again. "Why not." He muttered after putting the bottle back down onto their cluttered coffee table. "Okay, so... when?"

There was quiet in the dorm room for a few moments. "When you're thirty. If neither of us have found anyone permanent in our lives by then, we'll get married and then whoever was stupid enough to leave you misses out."

Kris nodded, now grinning. "Thirty it is, then." He tilted his near empty bottle up, toasting Adam, giggling as Adam rose up his own invisible glass with barely held back laughter.

Kris stretched out, nose crinkling as the stiffness loosened out of his muscles. It was only a week until his thirtieth birthday, and he was very much single. He thought the last time he even dated anyone was... maybe two years ago. He couldn't... really remember how it ended.

He smiled softly; he did remember Adam making the hour long drive across LA through traffic to comfort him. The entire night dedicated to the both of them watching their favorite movies together, curled up on the couch with a tub of ice cream between them, pretending that everything outside of Kris' little apartment didn't exist.

Adam... Kris' stomach fluttered. How weird was it going to be marrying his best friend? Kris frowned, then twisted over to grab his cell from his nightstand.

So, before we start planning a wedding a week from now, could we

Kris stared at his phone, trying to figure out how exactly he should ask. He shook his head and sat up, erasing a little bit, then typing in a new message and sending it before he thought any more about it.

So, before we start any wedding planning, could you come over so I could ask you something important?

He waited, feeling nervous like he never did talking to Adam. He rolled his eyes at himself. This is stupid, I mean, I've known Adam practically my whole life. Why should I be nervous talking to him?

Kris' phone vibrated in his hands, making him jump and drop it into his mess of sheets. He dug around until he uncovered it again and quickly unlocked his phone and opened the message he got back from Adam.

Yeah, I'll be right over.

Kris let out a breath and looked around his room. It was... messy. But, Adam had seen his apartment at it's worst, and seen him at his worst, so... was he supposed to clean up, or did that make him seem desperate and over calculating. Or if he left everything as it was, was Adam not going to want to even go through with the marrying thing because then he'd have to live with Kris' inability to keep his space tidy and...

Kris huffed and jumped out of bed, pulling out a pair of jeans that Adam bought him recently – tighter than his usual jeans – and a fitting v-neck before he rushed into the shower. What was the etiquette when you were going to be having sex with your best friend supposed to be?

"Hi." Adam grinned at him as soon as Kris opened the door, then he paused, looking over the shorter man. "You're dressed up." He arched a brow. "Does that have anything to do with why you wanted me over here?"

Kris rubbed at the back of his neck and shrugged, feeling blood and heat rush to his face and chest. This was going to be so awkward. He stepped aside to let Adam in, watching as Adam walked right into the living room and followed after him. Kris cleared his throat and gave a shaky smile. "So... um, you want water or something? Anything?"

Adam shook his head, his expression serious now, and nodded to the seat beside him on the couch. "Tell me what it is, Kristopher." Kris shrunk a little bit, feeling a little warm with the way Adam said his full name like that. He couldn't tell if it was embarrassment or... something else.

He settled in beside Adam, then let out a breath, and blurted it out before he could chicken out. "So, what do we do for, um, consummating that, uh, said marriage, that we talked about before? I mean, what if, we do this, and we can't... do that, you know? Like, what if it's too weird or we don't do it for each other?"

Kris glanced up, not remembering when exactly he looked away, and he almost burst out laughing at the expression on Adam's face now. His eye brows were high up, almost climbing into his dyed-dark hair, his blue eyes wide like the first time Kris met him and mouth dropped open in a gentle 'o'.

It took a few seconds, but Adam eventually recovered, smoothing out his features and shifting around. "Well, we could figure it out before we do anything permanent? See, and then if maybe we don't work out and then we can have a completely platonic, non-marriage relationship, and we'll still be there for each other, as promised?"

Kris nodded. "Alright." He tilted his head. "So...?"

Adam blinked, then he grinned. "Now? Look, Kris, I know it's been a while for you but we don't have to rush into this or anything, you know."

Kris rolled his eyes and shoved at Adam, smiling wide when he heard Adam's musical laughter echo through the apartment, setting him off into a small laughing fit.

Once they'd both calmed down, Adam glanced over to Kris again, still smiling softly. "So, you're serious, right?"

Kris swallowed, nodding slowly. Adam ran a hand through his hair, then moved closer, dropping the hand from his own head to Kris' jaw and tilting his head up. "Anytime you want to stop, tell me, alright?" Kris bobbed his head again, watching Adam's expression soften even more, before he felt gloss smooth lips against his.

There was a beat, a pause, where Kris thought that maybe bringing this up was a huge mistake, part of him even thinking that maybe he should find a way to go back in time to tell himself to say no to all of this, and then, that moment passes. Then, it doesn't seem like Kris is pressing his mouth against his best friend's, that he's not making out with someone that he's practically related to they're so close. Then, it just feels... good, right, and then he wonders why they never tried this before. His first kiss would've been so much better.

Kris giggled softly around the kiss, then leaned in, bringing his hands up around Adam's neck and opening his mouth, pressing his tongue to the seam of Adam's lips to get the access he was granting Adam.

Adam made a soft sound that rattled burning heat down his spine, making Kris arch up closer to Adam, trying to get more of those little moans and whimpers coming from Adam's mouth. Tasting them on his own tongue as they vibrated into his mouth, digging his nails into the skin of Adam's neck as he felt himself harden in his jeans. "Adam..."

Suddenly, Kris' world was spinning, and when it stopped Kris found himself pinned underneath Adam, pressed into the couch cushions, blue eyes dark and hungry as they looked over Kris, like this was the first time Adam was truly seeing him. "Fuck." Adam muttered, before he bent back down, licking into Kris' mouth, wrenching a moan from him that broke when Kris felt Adam's fingers gliding under his skin, palm dragging across his skin.

Kris broke the kiss just long enough to tug his shirt off, grinning when he saw Adam doing the same then pulled him back down, smashing their mouths together almost enough to just barely sting. The pain disappeared quickly, though, when Adam's fingers traced along his newly exposed skin.

There was no moment where Kris realized that maybe he shouldn't do this, that maybe this was something they should've never started because they wouldn't be the same again after. There was never that point of clarity for him, thinking of how weird it was. Because... honestly, it wasn't. For some reason that neither of them had ever known, they fit. Maybe more this way than as friends.

Kris arched up into Adam's hands, then glanced down their bodies, watching his shaking hand reach to Adam's jeans, then having to close his eyes tight at the crashing wave of arousal that hit him at Adam's following moan. Slowly, Kris slipped the button out, he drew the zipper down tooth by tooth, then reached in, groaning low when he didn't feel any boxers or anything, fingers meeting with just hot, aching skin. "Do you always go commando whenever you're around me?" Kris more meant to sound teasing, but instead his voice came out choked, shaky.

Adam licked his lips, groaned when Kris' hand twitched around him. "I... Maybe part of me was hoping this would happen and wanted to be prepared..."

Kris' hand immediately stopped and he looked back up to Adam, feeling his eyes were wide. Adam bit his lip and looked away, shrugging. "I maybe might've had a teeny bit of a crush on you since I found out that I liked guys?"

Kris continued staring up for a few minutes, feeling like he didn't really have anything else he could do, then laughed lightly. "Well, I guess that sort of explains why almost all of your ex's look like me." He joked, watching Adam turn back to him with a startled, happy expression. He stared at Adam's smiling lips for a second, his smiling eyes, all the things he'd seen before with just a little bit of relief of heat behind them, before he looked back down their bodies. "Come on, help me get you out of these."

Adam shifted, peeling out of his jeans slowly, Kris' fingers riding on the waist band as they moved down over his legs so the pads of his fingers skirted along every inch of revealed skin. Kris bit his lip, looking over Adam slowly, feeling every part of him heat up as he took him in. It wasn't like they hadn't seen each other naked before, or close enough to that, at least. Being around each other practically all the time made modesty seem a little ridiculous. But... it was like seeing Adam through new eyes, now.

"Your turn, Kris." Adam murmured, reaching for Kris' belt and fly. Adam didn't seem to have the same patience Kris did, the way he lifted Kris' hips up to whip the belt out and toss it away, and how he got the button and zip free seemingly within seconds.

Kris tilted his hips up, swallowing as Adam practically ripped his jeans off. Adam collapsed onto him, pressing their mouths together roughly, his hands skating all across his skin. Kris arched up, gasping as Adam's hands reached his hips, thumbs tickling the sensitive area of brown curls started.

Adam pulled away from Kris' mouth, grinning for a second before he dove back in, sucking bruises into Kris' throat now, his fingers inching closer and closer until they curled around his cock.

"Nngh." Kris grunted, digging his heels into the cushions and moving into Adam's hand, shivering at the laugh that Adam breathed into his neck. There was a pause, Adam's fingers loosening, only for Adam's length to slide right up alongside his and Adam's fingers to wrap around both of them. Kris moaned, his toes curling and fingers digging into Adam's back when he squeezed and started moving his hand.

It didn't take long once Adam got a rhythm. Maybe he should've felt bad about that but, the awed look on Adam's face made anything negative feel like a chore.

Adam sat back, spreading out on the couch, then continued stroking himself, hips hitching with every upstroke and tiny little moans spilling from his lips. Kris felt frozen to the spot for a few seconds, couldn't help but just stare and wonder if he could manage to get it up again for another round soon. Eventually, he managed to shake himself out of his daze and dropped down off the couch, crawling until he was on his knees between Adam's spread legs, half-lidded blue eyes staring down at him, one black brow arched.

Kris licked his lips, smirked, then leaned forward, dragging his tongue over the bump of Adam's stilled fingers, then up the hot shaft of his cock, moaning at the muted salty, bitter taste of skin and soap. "Fuck..." Adam groaned, spreading his legs a little wider. Kris took that as permission to continue, and ducked down, wrapping his lips around the tip, pushing down until they caught around the head. He took a second, then sucked, slipping the rest of the way down.

That was all it took. Adam moaned loudly, curling his fingers into Kris' hair as his hips bucked once, twice, and he was spilling down Kris' throat. Thick, steady pulses of cum that Kris readily swallowed, slowly pulling back until Adam fell out of his mouth, the last little spurt landing across his lips.

Before he could lick it away, Adam was pulling him up, cleaning the mess for him and mashing their mouths back together. Kris whined into his mouth, closing his eyes, content to just keep kissing Adam forever, when he pulled back again.

"So..." Adam panted, swallowed, and started again. "So, when's the wedding?"

Kris paused, then grinned, pressing their mouths together between a few starts and finally pulling away.

"I always liked summer weddings."

Adam's smile matched Kris' perfectly, and he turned them back down onto the couch as they continued making out. They could break it to the family later.

Tags: !2012, !gift, rating: nc-17, type: fanfic
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