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Gift for cassandra_ml

Title: Vanilla Latte, please
Recipient: cassandra_ml
Author: kira_dark_wing
Rating: pg-13
Word Count: 1013
Warnings: Coffee Shops and awkwardness
Summary: Kris and Adam meet and fall in love over coffee and music
Author's Notes: Coffee shops are not the norm in most cities of Anonland, but I’ll do my best, please don’t kill me?


Kris looked up from his guitar when the bell over the door rang. He just barely kept his jaw from dropping. The guy who had just walked in was gorgeous, and totally Kris’ type. Not that he would ever admit that out loud, but a guy could dream, right?

Besides it didn’t matter. Dream Guy, yes capitals was clearly needed, had come in with a girl, and they looked too happy together to be anything but dating. Why was all the good ones either taken or straight?


“Oh Ra, Dani. He’s so cute!” Adam whispered to his best friend. The cute guy on the stage cradling his guitar was adorable, and pretty, and hot, and perfect, and, and, and… he was sounding like a 13 year old girl again. Why did cute guys always do that to him?

“I know,” Danielle whispered back. Adam was so glad they had found this little out of the way coffee shop, where no one knew who he was. Sure he wasn’t super famous, but sometimes he had problems with people wanting to talk about his performances on the stage, be it on the theatre stage or with his band. Plus this one came with super cute entertainment. He ran his eyes over Guitar Guy once again, and he couldn’t help but lick his lips. He was very glad for the table when the boy bended over to put away his guitar, and his jeans stretched over the best ass Adam had seen in a long time. How long had it been since he had taken the time to just sit back and enjoy the view of a pretty boy?

He found himself back at the coffee shop already the next day, and this time his eye candy was standing behind the disk, taking orders. Oh, how he would love to order this pretty boy around. He would sit back in his favourite chair at home, dressed to the nines, and he would tell his pretty boy to get on his knees, open Adam’s pants and get to work. He would bury one of his hands in the brown hair, holding his boy still and he would fuck his face.

‘Snap out of it Lambert! You’re in public,’ he thought as he felt himself harden.

“Hi! What can I get you?” his pretty boy asked him, his southern drawl soft, but still noticeable.

“A Vanilla Latte please,” he paused to read the name tag on pretty boy’s shirt, “Kris.”


’Oh My God! He’s here!’ Kris thought.

Kris could barely keep his hands from shaking as he made Dream Guy’s order. How was he supposed to think around this man? He could barely keep the blush off his face when he remembered his dream from last night.

He had been dreaming about the man sitting in a throne like chair wearing leather pants and an open shirt, and how he had beckoned Kris to him. He had approached the man and he had sunk to his knees, opening the man’s pants, as if he was under a spell. He had woken as one of the man’s hands had grabbed his hair and held him still, as the man’s cock had pulsed, filling his mouth with come.

He was blushing when he handed Dream Guy his drink, and he had smiled at Kris.

“Thank you. I’m Adam, by the way.”

’Adam,’ Kris thought, with another blush high on his cheeks.

Adam would be there every day watching Kris work, and even after six weeks, Kris could barely get two words out around Adam he was that stupid about the man. But luckily Adam would talk enough for the both of them. On the days that Kris was performing Adam would just sit and stare at him afterwards, a look in his eyes that Kris was afraid to examine. Adam rarely brought Danielle, Kris finally had a name to go with the pretty face he was so jealous of, but she never acted as if she was worried that Kris would steal her man, even after Kris had given them his stuttering confession that he was gay. If anything she seemed happy that he was.

Kris was never going to understand women.


Adam had admitted to himself, Danielle and his mom that he was head over heels in love with Kris. His perfect, cute, adorable, hot, albeit clueless, barista friend and Adam had no idea how to tell Kris that he had fallen in love with him.

One afternoon, just after Kris’ set, he saw another, unknown, man approach HIS Kris. Jealousy burned hot in Adam’s gut after watching Kris blush and stammer around this new man. But anger mixed in with the jealousy when he spotted Kris’ eyes flickering around the shop, fear in his eyes. Adam walked up behind the guy, tapping his shoulder.

“Step aside, please? You’re kinda getting between my boyfriend and me.” Adam gave the idiot his best queen bitch face. He smartly stepped aside.

“You were brilliant baby,” Adam said, ending his sentence with a soft kiss.

Kris’ lips was everything he had ever imagined, soft and lovely, perfect for Adam. Kris gave a soft moan of protest when Adam pulled away, chasing after Adam’s lips with his own.

“Oh, baby.” Adam murmured.

He leaned down and captured Kris’ lips again. This time he moaned when Kris’ lips opened under his, Kris’ taste exploding on his tongue. He was never letting this boy go.


“But what about Danielle? I though you and her…”

Adam cut him off.

“I’m gay, darling. Danielle is just my best friend, and in case those kisses didn’t clue you in: I’m head over heels for you! You drive me crazy, and I’ve been trying so hard to get you to notice me. If I had known that all it would take for you to really notice me was to kiss you, I would have done it weeks ago.”

“I’m… I…. I can’t even,” Kris blushed and cleared his throat. “I’m kinda crazy about you too.”

Adam kissed him again.

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