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2012 Reveals and Round Up!


It is time for reveals! All creator names and beta credits have been added to the posts.

Please feel free to crosspost your work from this round and to reply to any comments you got. Thank you all again for taking part, here is a quick round up of the amazing gifts made for this round and the lovely people who made them.

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Happy Holidays and thank you to everyone who has taken part in this round. A special thank you to my amazing pinch hitters butterfly and redkislington. It was an absolute joy to run this again.

Make sure to check back in here on January 7th for reveals! (Once stories are revealed authors can cross post their stories and respond to comments).
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Happy Holidays, Kradam Holidays! (1/2)

Title: The Meaning of a Moment
Recipient: kradam_holidays
Author: jeweledvixen
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 17,410
Warnings: Physical abuse, homophobia, male/male sex, bare backing
Summary: Kris is 18 and thinks the family vacation at Grossinger's will be the most boring summer ever. He is very, very wrong.
Author's Notes: Prompt 3: I'm a sucker for romantic comedies, so I'd love to see a movie crossover AU - Notting Hill is my all-time favorite, but Dirty Dancing or My Best Friend's Wedding would work as well.

The title comes from this poem:

To dance is to reach for a word that doesn't exist,
To sing the heartsong of a thousand generations,
To feel the meaning of a moment in time.
- Beth Jones

Grossinger's in Liberty, NY. -
Mendelssohn Club -
West Coast Swing -
It's Now or Never - Elvis Presley -

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Part 2 here
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Happy Holidays, twas_the_lark!

Title: Some Nights I Call it a Draw
Recipient: twas_the_lark
Author: redkislington
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,600~
Warnings: M/M Sex
Summary: Adam and Kris have known each other practically since they were born, had grown up together and gone through every break up and make up together. Little ten year old Kris even nonchalantly throws around the idea of marrying Adam, which, actually, is exactly what happens.
Author's Notes: Went a teeny bit off of prompt. Sorry! I hope you still like it though, I watched many a rom-com while writing it so maybe some of that got through in the non-naughty parts. Happy holidays, and may your hugs received be warm and fluffy.

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Happy Holidays, redkislington!

Title: Nostrum Domus
Recipient: redkislington
Author: blue_icy_rose
Rating: R
Word Count: 7,292
Warnings: Description of a panic attack, snakes, spiders, some blood
Summary: When Kris and Adam move in to their new house, small things start happening around the house to each of them until it escalates to quickly turn their fears against them.
Author's Notes: Merry Christmas, redkislington! I hope you like this - I know you mentioned a Halloween movie feeling and I ended up going for creepy rather than bloody. Hopefully, it works for you! It took many tries and a long while for me to find what felt right and now that it's done, I actually wish I'd figured it out faster so I could have taken more time with it and made it longer! LOL.

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Happy Holidays, delugedpapercup!

Title: And I Feel Fine
Recipient: delugedpapercup
Author: itinerant_vae
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1,860
Warnings: mention of (off-screen, implied) character death
Summary: The end of the world comes not with an earthquake or a comet or zombies, but with a mysterious plague - and Kris is under quarantine.
Author's Notes: This is not intended as a factual representation of real people or their actions. Thanks to lvs2read for her marvelous beta job.

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Happy Holidays, itinerant_vae!

Title: (Passionate Kiss with) Eyes Wide Open
Recipient: itinerant_vae
Author: auroradream
Rating: R
Word Count: 3,548
Warnings: None
Summary: Sometimes you just have to re-arrange your schedule and make a grand gesture to get what you both have been waiting for.
Author's Notes: Happy Holidays to the lovely itinerant_vae! I hope you enjoy this. A big thank you to faerielissa for beating this fic into something worth giving as a gift.

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